Our Value

Our Value

« It’s not having the talent that matters; it’s knowing how to use it. » Alphonse Allais (French writer)

Acte Academie offers the opportunity to provide you with the tools and the keys by which you can achieve that, your passion will do the rest.

This is more than just a profession; it’s a way of thinking:

As far as ‘Haute Couture’ or ‘Ready to Wear’ collections and the Worlds of Theatre and Cinema are concerned, the Professional Makeup Artist has only one goal: excellence!


Our Hair and Makeup training courses are based upon particular fundamental notions:

                 Technique, culture, humility, curiosity, patience and listening.


The Technique: Our team of teachers all have professional Hair and Makeup backgrounds, sharing their ‘know-how’ and experience to provide specific technical training. Every week the skills and knowledge acquired are approved and then applied in the form of practical work, photo-shoots and professional work experiences. Thanks to our policy of a maximum of 20 students per class, we can guarantee personalized and regular follow ups.

Culture: history creates and recreates fashion.  Staying informed of world issues, reading and absorbing specific information concerning Fashion Leaders, Music, Art and works of art, simply means, staying informed and therefore, actively gaining cultural knowledge.

Humility: it is important to question continuously, looking at things from different perspectives, modifying, re-assessing whilst showing humility towards oneself and more so towards others….be versatile of mind, because, fashion is made to become unfashionable.

Curiosity: familiarizing with the works and experiences of top professionals, anticipating needs and demands of artistic productions or presentations, and of course capable of adapting to imminent artistic and social changes. In a nutshell, having an open mind

Patience: this is the road to success. Working hard and having an open mind, enables positive development. Don’t sit still, stay in a creative momentum. Move forwards.

Listening: to others and their expectations.  The Makeup Artist profession not only requires good contact skills, but also a strong sense of sharing.


Acte Academie proposes a variety of Artistic Professions. Flair and passion are the basis of these professions. The keys to success in this domain are, rigour, creativity and perseverance.

Acte Academie provides you with an exclusive setting, a creative environment, allowing you to feel complete professionally and artistically.  Making your dreams become reality and so, your passion becomes a profession.