Master Hair and Makeup

Master Hair and Makeup

A very thorough and complete training, which will include professional makeup techniques, studio hairdressing, wig-making/fitting, sculpture and prosthetics (special FX), not forgetting English, fashion culture and profession based culture.

You’ll discover a large variety of environments: beauty, fashion, theatre, cinema, special FX and makeup artistry.

Once completed, this comprehensive training will make of you an independent and multi-experienced professional, a real advantage for your career.


During the 2 years, you will be expected to create your Professional Photo Book.



In the 1st year, all students follow the same curriculum, then in the 2nd year there is a common curriculum for all, as well the opportunity to specialize in the SFX Option or the Fashion Option.  The following shows the common curriculum for both years, whatever the specialization chosen.



The basics of makeup , the study of colour, Colour theory, Chiaroscuro for the face, Beauty, Photography Makeup, Fashion Makeup (fashion shows, publicity, mail-order, Web), HD/45K makeup for television, makeup for darker skin tones, from the 20’s to modern makeup, cinema makeup, ageing with makeup, HD/4K makeup, creation and fitting of a false scalp


Special Effects:

Basic techniques and makeup – WAX (wounds/injuries, malformations, bullet holes, verruca…),LATEX (burns, textures, diseases…), GELS (blisters, gluey textures, frozen effects..), GELATINE (burns, flat prosthetics, uses in fashion…), COLLODION (scars…), Corpse makeup (drowned…), Zombie


Theatre Makeup:

Classic and contemporary, theatrical ageing ,creation and fitting of hairpieces, wigs …,makeup for classical ballet, music-hall, concerts, historical makeup, Artistic makeup – Face painting, children’s makeup, Body painting, AirBrush work , Fluo..


The Hair Studio:

Hair Studio classes are given in addition to our makeup classes.

Hair handling and equipment, specific products and techniques, face shape, hair-based colour theory, styling (long/mid-length, short), hair texture, plaits and hair weaving, styling and accessories, artistic styling, from the 20’s to modern day, attachment points/extensions, back-combing/bee-hives, straightening, French pleat, bun..,hair pieces, history of hair, clay, creation and fitting of head – dresses, ponytails..


Wigs and wig-making:

Equipment and different textures, imprints and measuring, hairdressing, wigs and hair-pieces, analyzing the whole fabrication process, from the model to the actual finished wig, implants and hair-weaving, different types of wig-making, how to make hair-pieces, false beards/moustaches, eyebrows..,conception and creation of cinema wigs/pieces, making/fixing forehead tulles, the technique for fitting cinema tulle, cleaning and styling wigs and hair-pieces, different fixings,, transforming synthetic fibres…



Sculpting techniques are the essence of quality prosthetics fabrication.

Study and knowledge of specific mediums (plaster, alginate, silicone), demonstration and creation of different imprints, making a solid base, modelling techniques and demos, in the 1st year, you are asked to create 3 characters, for which , you will study the sculptural and graphics of each. Creating negative moulds and prosthetics in latex, gelatine, silicone), coloration, fitting and makeup as well as flat prosthetics..



Indispensable! Is the word to describe how important English is in this profession. Whether it be the fashion industry, shows or cinema; English plays a leading role enabling global communication.

These classes are weekly and are tailor made for your profession, providing necessary technical vocabulary including cosmetics and back stage.  You’ll be expected to understand a makeup demonstration and present a makeup demonstration.



Even though it’s our photographer himself that carries out the photography, we consider it to be very important to know the basics:

Introduction to a photo studio and how it works

Theoretical notions of light

How to behave during a photo shoot and understanding models poses and attitudes


Law and legislation:

Image rights and legal status of the profession

Invoicing, agencies, freelance administration, self-employed..


Fashion Culture:

Covering a large spectrum from Costume History to fashion today…fashion designers, major fashion houses, brands…

The subject-matter studied in these classes will perfection your cultural knowledge, a necessity for inspiration!


Business Culture:

The most well-known photographers, hairdressers, stylists, makeup artists, prosthetists…major brand names….large cosmetic Groups…agencies…



During the 1st year, you will have design classes to enable you to express your ideas and creations easily: face chart, character project, hairstyles/head-dresses, etc…….



Specialization option: Special Effects (SFX):

(This is an option to be chosen as a specialization in your 2nd year, already included in the common curriculum)

Introduction and knowledge of material (glues, solvents, resins, polyesters, the different silicones..)

Transfer prosthetics

Moulding a silicone bust

Resin bust impression

Creating a made to measure scalp (glatzan)

Dental prosthetics

False limbs

Sculpting (resin, clay…)

Snap mould - polyurethane resins

Fitting and makeup (multi-piece)

Creation of accessories from PU sponge

Implants – hair/facial and body hair


Specialization option: Fashion:

(This is an option to be chosen as a specialization in your 2nd year, already included in the common curriculum)

A weekly photo shoot (fashion/creation, magazines) where you will be accompanied by an artistic director and a professional makeup artist, who will help and assist you as you develop your own style and image.

Project analysis

Artistic creation

Use of accessories

Styling Photo

Visual harmony

Course Fashion and Hairstyle

Construction Project

Morphological study adapted Techniques

Laying hairpieces and hair extension

Creation of hair xxl

Specific course in fashion and makeup trends

Partnership with Esmod